Holiday Gift Guide- Movies

1. Harry Potter 8-Film DVD Set- Best Buy: DVD $49.99, Blu-ray $79.99

  • This is clearly an obvious choice. With the Harry Potter series now completely over (tear!), those waiting out on purchasing the franchise need not wait longer! The 8-film set comes as a regular DVD set or in Blu-Ray. Only downside to getting this version is the lack of extra features. But getting the full collection after a whole decade is present enough.

2. The Ten Commandments: Limited Edition- Best Buy $69.99

  • An iconic box set for an iconic movie. This Ten Commandments collection is a must-have for all epic story lovers, movie lovers and Charleton Heston lovers (See also a Ben Hur limited edition set for those with a little too much love for Heston).

3. Citizen Kane: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition- $59.99

  • Arguably the best film ever made, this collector's edition has everything a film lover could ask for- documentaries, interviews with famous directors and critics, still photography, bonus films, and a look into the world premiere of the famous film.

4. The Scorpion Jacket from Drive-

  • Arguably one of the most stylish films of this year, Drive makes a lasting statement not just because of the winning direction or the charisma of its star Ryan Gosling (though more Gosling never hurts), but from this iconic piece of clothing worn in all of the major action scenes of the movie.

5. Panasonic DMP-B15 Portable Blu-ray Player- $749.87

  • Sure this gift may cause obsessed movie watchers to carry on their problem outdoors and on the road, but it this case enabling would be understandable. The player plays back not just Blu-rays, but regular DVDs, CDs and media files.