Holiday Gift Guide- Music

1. Adele, “Live at the Royal Albert Hall- $14.99

  • The most popular artist of the year deserves to be on this list due to her voice alone. But this extra special concert is not only a great present- it's a great DVD to watch together. The watch might be bittersweet though as Adele is recovering from throat surgery and won't be able to make new music for a while. Let this satisfy your need for of the Brit Pop rising star as long as you can.

2. “Cat DJ Scratching Deck- Think Geek: $34.99

  • We know, it's really weird. But it's also ridiculously funny. People who love their cats already dress them up and provide them with royal castle-like structures to play on. Why not help the cat lover in your groups of friends or family provide some culture to their feline better halves?

3. Winterland by Jimi Hendrix Vinyl, 8LP + 1CD Box Set- Music Direct $99.99

  • One of the most influential musicians of all time, this new Hendrix Box Set- containing concert DVDs and compilations- is the ultimate keepsake for the biggest rock and roll lovers.

4. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon- Immersion Box Set- $96.87

  • Another rock music-themed gift, Pink Floyd lovers will tell you this is a must-have… and they're right. Complete with six discs containing DVDs and CDs, the Immersion Box Set has previously-unreleased songs and a Dark Side of the Moon documentary and clips from live performances. What better way to celebrate one of the strangest and most intriguing bands of the last century?

5. The Crosley Revolution Record Players- Portable Record Player- $97.37, Crosley Radio: Turntable- $149.95

  • The team at Crosley radio has really taken to making buying music fun again. With their new Revolution record players, they've “taken the box out of record playing” according to their website. And with that swift move into the 21st century, record playing is coming back. For those in your life that are ahead of the trend and already have some sweet tunes on records, here is the perfect gift.