Holiday Gift Guide- Television

1. Law & Order: The Complete Series- $450.49, Best Buy: $619.99

  • Relive the iconic TV show over and over again with the complete box set. Though the over and over part is doubtful- the show lasted a record 20 seasons and the box set comes with 104 DVDs. We know this particular gift is a little pricey, so get it for only the biggest Law and Order fan. You know, the one who gave Law and Order: Los Angeles a chance so it could fill the original's void and the fan that sticks through Law and Order: SVU through all of the major cast members leaving this year.

2. Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series- $74.99, Best Buy: $59.99

  • For those who still haven't seen this brilliant show: first off, that's a crying shame. But now is the perfect time to get caught up on one of the most realistic, smart and creative shows ever aired. Lead actor Kyle Chandler won an Emmy this year for his performance and finally the show was nominated for Best Drama Series. It's a real travesty more people don't know about the program… So get a group together for watch parties. You'll be begging for the upcoming Friday Night Lights film by the series finale.

3. Karaoke Revolution: Glee Edition- Best Buy: Volume 1 (pictured) $9.99, Volume 2 w/microphone $39.99, Volume 3 w/microphone $49.99

  • For the musically inclined/video game lover, we have the perfect option. While Glee may not be at the caliber of its first season anymore, the undeniable fact is that the music and the singing is still top-notch. Celebrate the popular hits performed on Glee with your own twist. The photo above is for the stellar first volume, but there are now 3 different versions to play. Another great gift to do with groups, make sure to give this this game to someone with a Wii and a large space for everyone to play.

4. The Office DVD Game- NBC Universal Store: $20.99

  • Eight seasons in and the show still has some laughs. For hardcore fans, skip the Dwight bobble heads, the newly released Dunder Mifflin paper and the Dundies statues. Go straight to the hilarious DVD Board game, complete with some of the best Office scenes, a Toby Flenderson voiceover for each activity and a homemade board courtesy of Dwight K. Schrute.

5. The Simpsons Skateboard- $106.04

  • Simpsons mega-fans will be in utter cheer for this gift. If there's a Bart-type character in your family or group of friends, don't hesitate to let them complete their spiky-haired, misbehaving transformation with this skateboard.