Holiday How To: Achieve a Glittery Smokey Eye


Where there is smoke, there should be glitter. If your don't believe us, try out the glittery smokey eye yourself; we dare you not to fall in love with the results. For the look, perfect for smeyesing your way through the holiday season, follow our simple tutorial.

Step 1
First step is to shape those brows and prime those lids. Kept eyebrows are a necessary frame for standout eye makeup. Lid primer improves the end result of your eye makeup and makes the color stick. We'll be using glitter and dark shadows, so this is especially important.

Step 2
Apply a neutral color, preferably a rich taupe, on your lids blended up to almost under the brow. This is your base shade

Step 3
Next, apply a matte black shadow on the eyelid and over the crease of your eye. Build it by carefully applying more color from the palette. Blend as you create an angle at the edge of your eye for an almond type shape. Behold, you are a raccoon.

Step 4
Pick a gorgeous gold eye shadow for the inner corner of eyes, along your lower lashes, and on your eyelid until about a quarter of the way in. Use the taupe to blend together where it stops on your eyelid and where the black takes over.

Step 5
Line the bottom and top of your eye and lashes in black. The line on the top of your lid should be subtle.

Step 6
Use a loose, luxurious glitter powder on your lid, especially over the gold shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and lids.

Step 7
Mascara, darling.