Hollywood Bids on “Pieces of Heaven”at Art of Elysium Auction

The Oscar week festivities are well underway in LA and Wednesday evening brought out a few of Hollywood's most creative and magnanimous stars. Vanity Fair, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and The Art of Elysium along with Scarlett Johansson hosted the “Pieces of Heaven” auction to benefit the Elysium Project. The event was part of Vanity Fair's Campaign Hollywood week, a series of exclusive events leading up to the Academy Awards.

Though Johansson had a private viewing before the crowd arrived at Siren Studios, others spent the night staking their claim on the unique works that lined the studio walls. David Arquette alternated between stalking one of his favorite photos and sitting on a sleek white couch in the middle of the room scrolling through his email. Don Rickles placed himself front and center for the live auction as Ginnifer Goodwin and Nicky Hilton scoped out the scene. The affable Dave Annable stayed close to his new bride Odette Yustman and mingled with friend Topher Grace as waiters passed around lemon bars and decadent French macarons. But the best treat came on the way out when attendees were gifted with a complimentary two night stay at The Cosmopolitan. From Sunset Boulevard to the Sunset Strip–Sin City here we come!

And just in case your invitation got lost in the mail, many of the works are still up for auction at charitybuzz.com. Happy bidding!