Hollywood’s Most-Valuable Player is…


Katniss Everdeen. Mystique. Tiffany Maxwell. These three characters all have one thing in common: Hollywood’s most-valuable player, Jennifer Lawrence.

Vulture determined a new formula for fame, using stats from the domestic and overseas box office sales, studio value, Metacritic ratings, Twitter, and more, to rank Tinseltown’s brightest stars. As expected, the likes of Robert Downey Jr.Denzel WashingtonAngelina Jolie, and Zoe Saldana made the top-100 list, but a 24-year-old Lawrence, whose awards display case rivals Hollywood’s top veterans, triumphed over them all. 

Not only is Lawrence one of the most-liked (and most-powerful) actresses in the biz, she’s primed for silver screen longevity thanks to additional films in both the X-Men and The Hunger Games franchises; and, despite her branding appeal in big-budget projects, she is just as acclaimed for smaller, quirkier roles (Silver Linings Playbook, anyone?). Then there’s her high fashion appeal: Dior campaigns and Vogue covers, all representative of her reach beyond the silver screen.

As for one of Vulture’s other determining factors, likability, who didn’t fall in love with J. Law after this:


Long live our (A-list) girl next door!