Hope Springs Hits Theaters Today

Marriage is not an easy, and as far as divorce rates go, it takes more work than many are willing to put in to make it last. But Hope Springs proves it’s possible to find that spark again even after 30 years. Meryl Streep shows her meeker side as Kay, a middle aged woman who wants to rekindle the intimacy in her marriage to her stoic husband, played by Tommy Lee Jones, named Arnold. Steve Carell taps into his more subtle sense of humor that he had in Crazy, Stupid, Love to play their therapist, Dr. Feld.

Streep and Jones’ chemistry as couple is incredibly endearing to watch as they travel to Hope Springs, Maine to undergo an intense weeklong counseling session with Dr. Feld. Kay and the therapist work to push past Arnold’s stubbornness regarding treatment and finding the cause of him being distant physically from his wife and showing him the pain it creates. As they go through therapy, both reveal their own insecurities in themselves and show how they play out in their relationship, and in turn hurting one another.

We love seeing the real life problems that many older couples face that can put a serious strain on their relationship, and the willingness of the couple to look for help in finding what once brought them together in the first place. Streep and Jones do such a great job in making their love tangible and relative to so many without taking themselves so seriously in the process. And that’s all we Glam girls could ask for!