Hosting a Post Holiday Regifting Party


So, you got some gifts you're less than thrilled about. They don't exactly full on fail, but they just aren't your style. Been there, girl. No gift receipt? We feel you. We also got the answer for such post holiday woes. Pass along those presents by hosting a gift swapping party for you and your friends. Obviously this won't work if the tarnished treasure you're trying to toss was from a bestie, but as that's rarely the case, get this get together going. Establish some rules, first. Determine if you'd like the regifting process to be a strategic endeavor, or a surprise exchange. If it's the former, let the ladies get at the pile, and draw names out of a hat if more than one guest is lusting after the same item. If you choose the latter style of swapping, ask everyone to come with their gifts wrapped so they can't be seen. It's also important to decide whether or not you care about having a price range. For some, it wouldn't be fair if one lucky lady swapped a designer purse for a pair of socks, even if she was happy to be far from that awful yellow leather. In other groups, such situations would make the process even more hilarious. As things get going, allow the regifting to continue even after the first swap if guests are up for it. It'll be fun to see where everyone's unwanted gems end up. Incorporate some cookie baking and festive cocktail making into the mix, and your girly get together is sure to be a hit!