How Do You Shower?


There are some personal care regimens that are so intimate that we hardly ever discuss them. But maybe we should share more often, just to make sure we’re not doing the wrong thing, or at the very least to verify that we’re not alone. I’ll go first. My name is Patrice, and apparently I’m a shower overcompensater. Allow me to elaborate.

Through the years, I’ve developed an elaborate showering system. First of all, I need to listen to music and I actually have a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite Shower Songs (not to be confused with Sunday Bubblebath songs. They have their own playlist).

When I shower, my preference is to start with bar soap for my intimate body parts, and then graduate to a luxurious, highly scented shower gel. And immediately after showering, I apply body lotion and hair product while I’ve still got moisture on my skin. At a recent Dove event I attended in New York, I learned that I was “over-showering” from two scientists who specialize in skincare products. It turns out that the harsh cleansers in my favorite bar soaps and body washes were stripping healthy oils from my skin and then attempting to replace them with moisturizers that aren’t necessarily replenishing my skin’s needs.

So am I going to change my shower method, in light of this new knowledge? Not really. I’m not going to change my bar-then-liquid routine, but I will change my products up. I’ll seek out moisture and skin replenishing ingredients, rather than high lather, strong fragranced options.

My five favorite high moisture body washes du jour are:

Dove Deep Moisture // Olay UltraMoisture Vanilla Winter Retreat // Nivea Touch of Harmony // Kiehls Crème de Corps Body Washing Cream // Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Shower Wash

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