How Many Days Do Women Spend Shaving in Their Lifetime?


It's no secret that women spend a TON of time primping and preening. But have you ever sat down to wonder just how many days in your life each activity equates to in a lifetime? hosted a little study to break down the science of beauty and came back with some staggering facts. The most surprising? The fact that shaving our legs on a regular basis turns into 72 days but painting our nails only makes up 20 days! Maybe we tend to head to the salon more often than doing our own manicures, but that seems oddly incorrect, no? Just think about the filing, the buffing, the coats, and the drying time…

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The Top Ten Beauty Counter Charts:

Styling hair: 294 days

Shaving legs: 72 days

Taking off our make-up: 52 days

Body moisturing: 44 days

Plucking eyebrows: 30 days

Dying your hair: 23 days

Painting nails: 20 days

Exfoliating: 20 days

Self tanning: 12 days

Painting our toes: 11 days