How to Add Floral Decor Without Turning Your Home Into a Garden


As garden flowers begin to flourish, it’s only natural to want to bring the beauty of the budding outdoors into your home as well. But to avoid turning your house into a nursery, the key is making smart decor choices in each room. Give your home a blooming boost without going overboard by choosing one standout floral item to act as the focus of each area rather than decorating it with too many botanical prints and pieces. For example, in the bedroom, swap out a solid-color frame for a floral one, complementing it with a vase of fresh flowers nearby. A single bold accent chair boasting springtime style can be added to the corner of a living room or dining room. Add a garden-inspired candle on an end table to play off the chair’s floral graffiti print. For the kitchen, you don’t need to add flowery towels, dinnerware, vases and more; a printed tablecloth will suffice, turning your space into a warm springtime oasis with just the right amount of blossom.

1.Threshold™ Watercolor Floral Frame, Yellow, 5″x5″, available at Target, $12.99

2.Vale Open-Back Slipper Accent Chair in Floral Graffiti, available at Target, $139.99

3.Boho Boutique™ Agyness Rectangle Tablecloth, 52″x70″, available at Target, $34.99

4.Jar With Wood Lid, Poppy Fields, available at Target, $12.99

5.Jar With Wood Lid, Sunflower, available at Target, $12.99