How To Correctly Cleanse Your Way to a Clear Complexion


If there's anything we've learned since getting serious about the beauty game is a clean face is the foundation for great skin (although you can't forget a good moisturizer and sun protection). After learning just how bad you skin can get after not washing your face for a month-yes, we still get the heebie-jeebies thinking about it-washing away the day is a no brainer. But washing you face can't be that hard, right? There is actually a proper process to ensure that you don't end up with dry, irritated skin. We turned to Restoresea Founder and CEO Patti Pao who showed us the right way to cleanse our way to a perfect complexion.

Use a Gentle Cleanser – Cleansing should remove dirt, germs, and excess oil. Anything harsh will strip away moisture and irritate healthy cells, which for those with oily skin can make matters much worse by ramping up oil production and causing break outs. Pao recommended the Reviving Cleanser that is not only gentle but also sulfate-free to keep skin's moisture balanced.

Go Easy On Your Face – Make sure you wash away makeup, sunscreen, and sweat, but don't go crazy with the cleansing. “Washing your face more than 1 to 2 times a day can actually cause your skin to produce more oil and breakouts,” Pao explained. The same goes for your eyes as the skin in that area is the thinnest. If you need to get the mascara and shadow off, use a gentle eye makeup remover before cleansing.

Ensure the Water is “Just Right” – Many might make the most of their shower by washing their faces in the midst of all their other bathing rituals, but the heat could be too much. Though the steam might open up pores, it can also cause skin to dry out. Pao suggests sticking to lukewarm water so you don't have to worry.

Save the Scrub – While cell turnover is important to skin's health and youth, exfoliating may leave nothing left for you to scrub! Pao advised only doing so once or twice a week, but noted that her brand's cleanser contains an enzyme to gently exfoliate daily, eliminating the need entirely.

Dab to Dry – When you're ready to towel off, but sure to pat yourself dry – don't rub! Similar to moisturizing your body, Pao believes it's best to leave you skin a bit damp to help seal in the moisture when applying lotion as it keeps it from evaporating.