How to Finish Your Mane to Perfection

Ever tried to recreate a hairstyle that your stylist previously made look utterly amazing? Perhaps your favorite celebrity hairdo?

Yes—we've been there too, and unfortunately learned the hard way that styling your own hair isn't as easy as it may seem. Sam Villa, Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, offers this explanation why: “When people tell me they can’t get their hair to look like it does when their stylists finish it, I tell them that it’s easier for the stylist because they’re behind in a natural position, facing the head. Most people blowdry their hair in front of a mirror, which makes everything opposite. I suggest getting hair on the brush and then turning away from the mirror to do the blowdry,” explains Villa. Below, a few more of Villa's tricks of the perfect-tresses trade.

1) To prevent frizz, reach for an old tee shirt instead of a fluffy towel to thoroughly squeeze out the excess moisture without roughing up the cuticle.

2) Detangle hair by working from the bottom up.

3) Product is a necessity. Use mousse for volume, lotion for hair that’s smooth and touchable or gel for lift and definition.

4) A boar-bristle brush will distribute the natural oils throughout the hair and give a smooth finish.

5) Stand up, because your body will have more flexibility than when you’re sitting down.

6) If you work with a round brush, section off the hair and start at the bottom. Between sections, put down the blow-dryer so you have both hands to get the hair on the brush.

7) If your hair is color-treated, set your thermal tools on medium to keep the cuticle closed and maintain the color longer.