How to Get a Flawless Face


Regardless of shadows, liner, mascara, and lipstick, nothing can ruin a look faster than flubbed up foundation. Luckily, as Make Up For Ever builds its Foundation Nation, the brand brought in celebrity makeup artist Troy Jensen for a refresher on nail a flawless look:

Use Your Hands for Sheer Coverage Only – While a sheer wash of color can be good for some, many need more coverage, and the lines that make up a finger’s print can lift product right off of the face. Jensen recommends using the brand’s 122 or (his favorite) 152 brushes that have bristles that load the right amount of foundation for application without streaks.

Colored Primer Can Be Your Best Friend – While switching your shade with the season is recommended, it can hurt your wallet. According to Jensen, mixing in a color correcting primer can brighten or darken your foundation as needed. A Caramel-colored one, in particular, can help if your tan is darker than your base and vice versa for paler skin.

Less Is More – It’s cliché because it’s true! The less foundation you initial apply, the more you can build up coverage instead of wasting product trying to find the right balance. Jensen recalled a few women who liked to “pack it on and wipe it off.” He said, “It’s no the most effective way to do it.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Swatch – Jensen regularly customizes shades for toning, matching or even texture. And the best way to see his creative combinations is swatching on not just his hand, a mixing plate, or even his client’s forehead. “I normally work with [and] mix with palettes or a plate,” he explained, “and I’ll rub it off with a tissue or a towel or on my hand just to see the texture and [color] payoff.”

Avoid Powder Where You Can – Jensen stays away from powder when he works, opting to use different foundation formulas to tackle any skincare issues like oily skin. “My clients can't look too glowy or shiny,” he said. “I don't want them to feel like they need more powder.” He noted that some try to do so last minute and end up either looking too pale or have white spots on their face thanks to too much translucent powder.