How to Get Gorgeous Brows at Home


Thanks to lovely ladies like Cara Delevingne, bold brows have come back in a big way. Just because the Jean Harlow look is out doesn’t mean brows should be unkempt (sorry no unibrows allowed). We turned to Blink Brow Bar FounderVanita Parti to learn the proper grooming techniques for the furry friends on our forehead.

Measure Up – Take an eyebrow pencil and place the pencil straight up from the tip of your nose; it’s where your eyebrows should start. Then place the pencil at the edge of your nose and angle through the iris of your eye, as it is where your arch should fall. Finally place the pencil at the edge of you nose and angle it to the outer corner of the eye, which will indicate where the eyebrow should end.

Mark Up – After measuring your brow’s alignment, mark off those boundaries with a dot. It will help prevent over plucking to stay symmetrical and keep you from shortening your brows.

Pluck Perfectly – Good lighting is essential to clearly see all small hairs that build your brows. A magnifying mirror with a light can help illuminate the eye area easily. Use a set of angled tweezers to easily pick up each unwanted hair, pulling up and with the hair’s growth to limit irritation.

Cool Down – Use Aloe Vera Gel or B’s Rose Water to calm any redness and reduce swelling. The rose water acts as an antiseptic so the open follicle doesn’t get clogged.

Fill In – Use an eyebrow pencil that is one shade darker than your eyebrows and fill in any gaps with gentle feathery strokes in the directions of your brow’s growth. Use the brush at the other end to blend for a natural look.

Seal It In – Use a grooming gel to put to tame any flyaway hairs and keep the brows glossy.