How to Get Naturally Fabulous Style

The chicest women always look like their style came together effortlessly (either that or they’ve been visited by super-generous fashion gods). Jackie O never looked like she was trying. Neither does Michelle Williams or Zoe Kravitz. Personal style is all about finding what works for your body and your taste—and with these time-honored style tips, you can’t go wrong.

• Custom Couture
Ill-fitting clothes—a shirt that’s gapping at the buttons, a bulky skirt, too-long pants—can ruin your whole look! It costs a tad extra, but getting your clothes tailored to fit your precise measurements can make even the most basic ensemble look like couture.

• Style Support
Invest in the right undergarments. Nothing’s worse than lumpy lines because of ill-fitting bras and panties. Smooth your silhouette with bodyshapers like the Spanx Slim Cognito Shape Suite ($98,, Shapeez Back-Smoothing Bra ($75,, or Yummie Shaping Thong ($42,

• Curl Care
Do you have luscious textured tresses? Keep them looking naturally pretty – ie, defined, glossy, and bouncy – with Motions new hair collection for natural textures. We love the Moisturizing Cleanser and Smoothing Conditioner for effortlessly cute curls.

• Body Beautiful
Shop for your size! Are you busty, athletic, or petite? Choose pieces that flatter your shape, not that of a model in a magazine ad. And be realistic: Don’t squeeze yourself into shoes or a dress that’s one size down (you won’t look smaller; you’ll look smooshed and uncomfortable!). Celebrate your body—it’s gorgeous and it deserves to look its best.

• The Classics
The easiest way to look naturally fabulous? Don’t chase trends. Instead, know your style and what looks great on you—and dress accordingly. Infuse trends into your wardrobe via accessories! Rock a leopard-print bag, orange patent stilettos, or a statement necklace.

• Celeb Cheat Sheet
One of the easiest ways to look effortlessly fab is to find a celeb with a similar body type and use her as style inspiration. If you’re short and curvy, take cues from Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Plus-size? Follow Glee’s Amber Riley (her personal style is so good). If you’re thin and small-chested, Kate Hudson sets a gorgeous example.