How to Get Side-Swept Tumbling Waves

Fact: Glossy waves cascading over one shoulder is a glamorous look that oozes sex appeal and looks absolutely stunning on everyone. Case in point, sultry starlet Selena Gomez,whoworked the look at the 2011 People's Choice Awards. Jamal Hamadi, celebrity hairstylist, founder of Hamadi Beauty, and the mastermind behind Gomez's gorgeous mane gives Glam a play-by-play on how to recreate her gorgeous look. You may not be prepping for your turn on the red carpet, but trust us—this look goes over just as well on the sidewalk.

1. Spray hair with Hamadi Shea Spray ($19) to de-frizz and protect hair from heat and dryness,

2. Section hair off into four equal parts,

3. Coat ends with Hamadi Shea Hair Cream ($24) and run fingers through hair to evenly disperse,

4. Part smaller sections of hair and wrap each one around an ionic curling iron to create waves,

5. Pin-curl each section immediately after by wrapping the curl around your finger and securing it with a bobby pin,

6. Unravel all curls and pull hair over one shoulder. Gently brush waves for a sexy, slept-in look.