How To Go Bold With Body Makeup


Applying makeup to cover blemishes, scars, and acne is an everyday activity for makeup mavens and those who are self-conscious about their skin. The skin on the rest of the body isn’t flawless either, but body makeup is considered uncharted territory to many. We looked to aesthetician and fellow Glam blogger Olia Majd to gain some expert insight and learn how to apply like the pros.

Find the Perfect Formula
Skip the face foundations if you’re looking to even your skin tone below the neck. Formulas for the body may be harder to find, but the results will ensure the makeup doesn’t get onto your clothes. “Everyone is always so scared to use it because they’re afraid the makeup will come off on all their clothing,” Majd said. “As long as you're using something specifically designed to go on your body, you should be fine.”

Start With a Smooth Surface
Similar to self-tanner, body makeup should always be applied to smooth skin to ensure a flawless finish. For scars and sensitive areas, Majd recommends first shaving with a sensitive razor like Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive to ensure minimal irritation. “I think it's great to use it to help cover up varicose veins, scars, freckles, if desired, and those pesky stretch marks,” she explained. “You always want to start on a smooth surface. You should exfoliate, shave, cleanse, and moisturize.”

Moisturize Before Makeup
Slathering on a little lotion keeps you moisturized and helps prime the skin prior to application. You can also add a primer if you want a little extra insurance for any texture-changing scars, veins, or blemishes. “Adding a primer after moisturizing can help to even out the surface and make for easier application,” Majd said.

Follow as Directed
Reading is fundamental, as it will not only ensure your skin stays flawless but also keep your clothes clean. “Body makeup is made specifically for that—the body,” she said, but she did have an extra tip to share. “It's important to let the makeup fully dry before putting on your clothes. If you do too much before the makeup is dry, you might ruin all the hard work you put in.”