How to Incorporate Vintage Pieces Into Your Wardrobe

image via VintageVirgin

“Out with the old, in with the new” is a useful motto in multiple realms of life. Take makeup, for example. Replace that dried out foundation. Buy a new, clump free mascara. Beauty products have actual expiration dates, after all.

What doesn’t have an ultimate shelf life, however, is fashion. Trends come and go, that much is true, but they always seem to come back. So rather than pay big bucks for the season’s hottest item, look to used stores. They just may have your sought after piece from when it was in fashion the first time around.

This season, we’re looking to thrift stores for outerwear, blouses and jewelry. Keeping on trend with the menswear style hot this fall, look for a blazer in plaid, houndstooth or velvet, some great timeless patterns we’re seeing everywhere. While it’s difficult to find a perfect fit in the used clothing racks, oversized outerwear is in this season. Swimming in your blazer is never cute, but a little baggy or boxy definitely works, especially over fitted jeans or skinnies for a balanced look. Layer underneath it for some interesting mixing of texture.

Vintage Pendleton Wool Plaid Oversized Jacket Blazer,

Beautiful blouses from every decade are a staple in used clothing stores. From interesting necklines, charming details and quirky prints, you’re sure to find that one of a kind top to act as the standout piece of your next outfit. If your must have blouse is not the most flattering of shapes, tuck it into high waisted jeans or a fitted skirt for a sleeker look.

Vintage 1980’s Valentino Silk Polka Dot Blouse,

A gorgeous piece of jewelry will continue to be gorgeous no matter how many years go by. There’s something romantic, though, about an old gem, holding the mystery of its history. Use vintage stores to find a unique necklace, bracelet or ring that is sure to be a conversation starter.

1970s Metal Spiked Necklace,

Incorporating vintage finds into your wardrobe is not only cost efficient, it’s the ultimate fashion statement. It takes patience, vision, and a creative eye. It’s fashionista treasure hunting, so don’t be over ambitious and hasty, or your purchase will end up sitting in your closet. Wait for that extraordinary find to find you.

When making new purchases, stick to splurging on the pieces that will act as the canvas to your vintage findings. A perfectly fitted basic never goes out of style and can be used to balance out the more creative accents. Focus new purchases this season around the perfect dark jeans, that go to cocktail dress, a beautiful leather tote and durable and comfortable cold weather boots.