How to Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face

Those of us with fringe fully understand this plight; when they're growing out, a 'Lauren Conrad' braid might feel too casual, and a 'pompadour pin-up' might feel too fancy. Sam Villa, Redken's Education Artistic Director, shares his tips on how to master the 'Roll Wave', a.k.a. how to keep bangs and shorter strands in their rightful place—off of your face!

Step 1:
Take a small section of hair and mist with Redken Spray Starch 15, and brush hair with Sam Villa Signature Series Round Brush Small ($29.95).

Step 2:
Pass the Sam Villa Signature Series SLEEKR Flat Iron ($229.95) over the section a couple times to heat.

Step 3:
Immediately follow with brush and roll ¾ of the way down towards the scalp.

Step 4:
Keeping the iron closed, and using the outside corner of the edges, glide it over the top of the section between the head and brush, down and forward towards the face.

Step 5:
Cool and release–this creates an “S” formation with bump pattern that pushes hair back and way from the face.