How to Make the Most of Your Makeup Staples While Traveling


Train Case // BB Cream // Lip and Cheek Balm // Shadow Pencil // Waterproof Mascara // Travel-Sized Tools

When the weather outside gets frightful, we all look for a sweet escape—preferably with tropical temperatures. Every beauty will try to pack all of their essentials when they head out of town, but the burden can be too big for their carry on. As such, we have a few tips to ensure you bring along only the travel-friendly essentials you need to get gorgeous while on vacay.

Multitasking Musts — While the TSA has bumped up the travel-sized beauty business, that doesn’t mean every mini bottle is necessary. From BB Creams to multiples, there are plenty of products that can pull double duty and then some. Use a lip and cheek balm to bring out your rosy glow while you set up your smolder with a soft and smudgy shadow pencil – all without taking up too much space in your toiletries case.

Waterproof Wonders — While you may par down the rest of your look to the bare necessities, mascara is one many can’t leave home without. Regardless of what’s on your itinerary, no one wants their makeup to run or get ruined. A waterproof formula is sure to stay in place when you’re hitting the surf and sand, or sweating it out on an amazing adventure.

Tiny Tools — You don’t have to unroll your brush collection to get the look you want. There are mini versions of your favorite tools that you can toss into your case, so they’ll always be on hand when you need a touch up or more. Plus, leaving the tools tucked away in your travel case makes packing easy for the next venture with less worry of missing something!