FOR MANY WOMEN, what they wear to workout is often an afterthought. Most rely on a mix of old concert and college t-shirts and worn out leggings, which can prove to be utterly uninspiring. Being fashionably fit, involves a bit of wardrobe planning. It’s totally possible to stock up on exercise appropriate pieces that can also be incorporated into your everyday look. This season’s top fashion trends actually work really well for the gym and will enable you to go anywhere and look great everywhere.

  1. Layering:
  2. A Pop of Neon:

Fall’s most versatile and comfortable trend is ideal for working out. You’ll want to dress in layers to cool off or warm up, depending on where you’re headed. Whether it’s layering sports bras for more support or to make a fashion statement, or putting an off the shoulder top over your tank, this is one trend that will keep you looking and feeling fresh.

An upbeat element will have you feeling positive and eager to get in some cardio. It’s amazing the kind of impact a pair of dayglow sneakers, highlighted, hoodies or fuchsia bike shorts can have. Hot pink tanks or tangerine tees work well for yoga and spinning and look equally fabulous under a blazer or paired with jeans and heels.