How to Perfect the Art of Print Mixing

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Fashions may come and go, but perfecting the art of print mixing and matching is a fashion skill that comes in handy no matter what the season’s trends. Here’s how to do it properly.

Do stick to like-minded colors. Pastels, neons, primaries, or whatever you choose to be the theme of your vivid ensemble should stick together. Make sure there’s an overarching shade that appears in each of your printed pieces.

Don’t overdo it on the trends. Mixing prints and patterns is already such a statement-making look—there��s no need to also incorporate every style featured on the runway for that season.

Do consider leopard print a neutral. Seriously.

Don’t layer only the same-size patterns. Think about proportion and balance by mixing small and large graphics for a multidimensional look.

Do pair ladylike florals and stripes when in doubt…especially dainty roses with bold nautical lines. That’s a freebie for you.

Don’t overlook the power of plaid. Throwing an oversize flannel over whatever print you may be sporting gives your look an automatic effortlessly cool, fashionably grunge flavor.

With so many style choices this season, selecting a trend that fits your look can be a daunting task. Luckily, U by Kotex® + GLAM have teamed up to put together their summer favorites for you. Get inspired, and remember, all you have to do next is try it for yourself!