How to Plan a Fit Valentine’s Day: 7 Ways to Avoid the Valentine’s Day Restaurant Rush and Have Even More Fun on Your Feet


Valentine’s Day can be tricky to plan. Restaurants book up quickly and are overcrowded, prices inflate especially for flowers, and–I don’t care what they say–but chocolate isn’t sexy on your waistline. This year, why not make your VDAY a fit and healthy event that you can share with your loved one?

Check out 7 ways to spark your romance and raise that heart rate on Valentine’s Day!

1. Run a race together

Get your heart racing in more ways than one! Sign up, train and compete in a Valentine’s Day race with your sweetheart to strengthen your body and bond with your partner. Cupid’s Undie Run is one of many nationally operated “love” races that you can sign up for. Your entry fee is lovingly donated to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Don’t be surprised if you see lots of runners racing to the finish in lingerie and sexy VDAY costumes. It’s a lot of fun and most definitely a LOVELY sight. I recommend training with your sweetheart in style, in Brooks Pure Drift minimalist running shoes that come in his & her colors.

2. Take your relationship to new heights with indoor rock climbing

Whether you’re climbing one at a time or together, you have a great view of the booty and body. Rock climbing is a phenomenal total body workout and builds your confidence, trust and communication skills with your sweetheart. The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City is a great place to do this because of their immaculate climbing wall and group of highly trained experts. It’s been said that fear and nervousness live in the same place as excitement.

You can further add some excitement to this experience by treating your honey to the Valentina Bra or wearing it during your climb. This bra, which I proudly own, oozes sex appeal with an easy-access zipper front. It’s a limited edition sports bra for Valentine’s Day by BodyRock Sport. There are only 15 of the velvety Valentina left, says designer Kelly Dooley-Kalley who tells me she, too, “can’t stand a clichéd Valentines Day.” Instead of gifting boring roses, Kelly recommends checking out her Bespoke line which allows women (your wifey, girlfriend, bestie or even your mom) to design their dream sports bra.

3. Practice some tough love together

Strike a boxing bag, not your partner! Boxing is an incredible workout for your physique and a major stress reliever. Add some sex appeal by pinning your partner to the ground and whispering that this is just a preview of the showdown happening later!

Remorca Fitness NYC is currently offering Couple’s Boxing classes taught by Nedra Lopez who says: “Couples who sweat together, stay together. Most things in our busy lives pull us apart but working out together makes a couple a team.” Add some style to your punch by picking up a pair of wallet-friendly Everlast Boxing Gloves at Target.

4. Get hot and steamy with each other in a hot yoga class

This is a great way to add balance and flexibility to your relationship because you never know what position you’ll find yourself in! Yoga216 in Manhattan’s Chelsea district is a new boutique yoga studio offering classes in heated rooms with no more than 6 students at a time. This VDay, they’re offering Candle Light Yoga and champagne shavasana on top of all the luxuries the studio already offers. Grab a Yogitoes no-slip-towel in red for on top of your yoga mat and enjoy the flow!

5. Jazz the night up with some fancy footwork

Break out your dancing shoes and a flirty outfit. I recommend going to a spot like The Cotton Club NYC in Harlem, NY for for dinner, dancing and a piece of history. Founded in the 1920s, The Cotton Club is where many jazz greats like Duke Ellington earned their fame. There’s also a Richard Gere flick about The Cotton Club in case you want to kick your shoes off and cuddle up to a movie later.

6. Get attached at the wheel for a tandem bike ride

Sync up with your sweetie by going for a ride together…on the same bike! Schwinn bikes makes a fabulously stylish tandem bike for 2 called the Tango. It’s quite a site (sure to inspire memorable laughs and lots of onlookers). This is a great way to feel connected, get in a leisure workout and explore the neighborhood.

7. If all else fails, there’s always good ol’ sexytime…

You don’t need the stuffed bears and candy hearts! Explore your love life and maybe some things you haven’t tried before. You’d be surprised that this can have as big of an impact as a fancy night out. Remember, sex burns 150+ calories per hour! And laughing can burn up to 40 calories. So don’t take it all too seriously!

Bianca Jade, a leading lifestyle, beauty and fitness expert, is the founder and editor of top fitness, fashion and wellness website, Known to her readers as MizzFIT, Jade brings the latest trends in fitness apparel and accessories from around the globe, highlighting active wear from both emerging designers and major luxury sportswear brands. Through her writing, Jade is continuously committed to furthering a movement of feel-good exercise and female empowerment.