How to Prevent Dry Hair This Winter

We know how bad-hair days go. Waking up with frizzy, dry, and unruly hair can cramp your style. And it seems these dreaded bad-hair days happen more often in winter months. What’s that about? Winter air is drier, which causes more static and allows moisture to be stripped from your hair. Plus, we tend to crank up the hot water in our showers when it’s chilly outside. But there’s still time to prevent dry, frizzy hair this winter—check out our tips for keeping your strands silky smooth.

1. Cut Out the Heat
Styling tools like blow-dryers and flatirons are among the leading causes of dry hair, and paired with winter air, they create a recipe for some seriously lackluster strands. Avoid extremely hot showers; while they might feel great when you’re freezing, they strip hair of moisture. Test the heat of your blow-dryer on your arm; if it’s too hot for your skin, it’s too hot for your hair!

2. Try Oils
Oils are a virtual miracle cure for both your hair and scalp. They replace the natural oils that are stripped by the winter chill and overdrying from styling tools. Simply adding olive oil to your conditioner is a great DIY fix, but we prefer Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Serum paired with Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. The Nourishing Oil Care Serum instantly smoothes frizzy strands and replaces much-needed moisture in your hair without weighing it down. Adding the serum to damp or dry strands after conditioning with the ultra-moisturizing Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner is the ideal one-two punch to fight dry hair this winter.