How to Prevent the Recent Mariah Carey Nip Slip From Happening To You


Taking the stage in a studded, skin tight tube dress at the So So Def Records 20th Anniversary concert in Atlanta February 23rd, Mariah Carey may or may not have had a bit of a nip slip. Check out a closeup photo here and decide for yourself what to categorize this wardrobe malfunction as. Full frontal boob flash or not, however, the singer with a five octave voice range's falling dress was a fashion faux pas that could have been easily avoided with some simple products made to prevent such situations. From double sided fashion tape to nude color silicone concealers, printed nipple petals to body glue (yes…body glue), there are plenty of options for you, and Mariah, to keep the girls under wraps, your dress in its place and your stylish self feeling worry free.

1. Fashion First Aid Strapless Solutions Set, available at for $35
2. Hollywood Fashion Tape Secrets, available at for $8.99
3. Magic Fashion Tape, available at ASOS for $15.26
4. Bristols 6 Nippies Skin, available at for $16
5. BeautiControl Body Glue, available at for $19.50