How To Rock a Crop Top


Step one, channel your inner Britney Spears circa 1998. Step two, draw on abs. Ok, ok-we're just kidding. Crop tops are trending, and we got the real low down on how to make them work in your wardrobe. We've looked to our favorite celebrities on how to rock the top and are loving the ideas. Really, the most important thing to remember is to not show too much skin. A tummy peek is cute, but full on midriff is semi obnoxious. If you want to wear shorts, choose a loose crop top with sleeves. If you're donning a full pleated maxi, than a tighter, more showy blouse is ok. Show skin either on the top or bottom, but not both. Furthermore, the best takeaway we got from lusting over these celeb looks is to balance the lengths and silhouettes of your pieces. For example, if your choice shirt is super short but roomy, do a longer, higher pencil waisted skirt like Rihanna did.

image via Glamour UK