How to Rock Cobalt Blue


If you're looking to brighten winter's moody blues, pick a shade that adds some pop, like cobalt. Brighter than navy but still more appropriate than lighter hues of blue for the cold months, it's an ultra versatile and flattering color. When worn in proper style, it can be the perfect daring touch to any outfit. Blueprint for Style reminds fashionistas in their cobalt donning tips that “the boldness of this blue can be scary and overpowering if not done correctly.” Pair it with black, as Mandy Moore did here. Even camel works, but skip brown as it will clash. Femguide provides more insight in terms of accessorizing around your cobalt piece. Allowing the article to be the center of the look, everything else should be neutral and toned down as to not overdo things. A classic gold necklace or black earrings is appropriate.

image via Blueprint for Style