How To Rock Sequins

Femguide's latest fashion tips article posed the question, “Are sequins still in style?” If celebrities' outfits are any indication of what's in fashion, then we'd have to say yes. We've been seeing the glitzy embellishment on and off the red carpet for some time now, most recently from Carly Rae Jepson, who rocked the Flash Face Sequin Dress┬áby Louise Gray for Topshop in a photograph she uploaded to her Instagram last week.

While sequins were hottest in the 1980s, Femguide insists that by following certain guidelines on how to proper style pieces donning the ornamentation, they can still be a head turner. From tips on what to pair a sequined blouse with to choosing the right sequined accessory, they have everything you need to know about rocking the trend here.

For a sequined piece to lust over, check out Roberto Cavalli's latest collection.

image via Femguide