How to Ruffle Your Feathers, Puff Up Those Plumes

Sure, styling with details and designs featuring our flying friends is a fun look. We loved the idea of bird couture, like rocking parrots on the clasp of a clutch or a bird of paradise on our heels. But the possibility of looking like a parrot is a whole different story. I feel your initial wariness, fashionista. “Donning feathers will make me look like some flashy showgirl, a human chicken, or god forbid, Big Bird!” you panic. “I'll be clucking around looking like a crazy bird lady!” Let it all out, girl…and then get over it, because nobody's going to be looking like an oversized fowl in an attempt to rock the feather trend this season.

We saw the look on the F/W 2012 runway shows of Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and more, but now She Finds has 6 ways for us non-models to try out this voluminous trend. We think their ideas and choice pieces are spot on. “To offset the seemingly weightless bulk, be sure to pair it with other form-fitting pieces. For instance, if you opt for a feather-fringed skirt, pair it with a tight camisole or blouse and a tailored blazer,” they suggest. Check out more tips and adorable feathered articles from She Finds here.

If you're on a budget, get crafty and take flight in a homemade feather peplum top. The peplum shape is hot this season, and so are plumes, so your new blouse will be devastatingly on-trend. Stripes and Sequins' tutorial is easy to follow, and the end result is gorgeous.

Check out the celebs who were ahead of the time, rocking feather and plumes back in 2010. We'd take any of these red carpet looks today too!
image via Stripes and Sequins