How to Set Your Passover Table: 8 Unique Seder Plates


The Passover seder is deeply rooted in centuries of Jewish tradition. The Haggadah, which recounts the story of the exodus from Egypt and journey to freedom, dictates the order of the ceremonial meal; and while certain rules and practices must be followed, there is still room to make your holiday unique. Every table is set with a seder plate containing symbolic foods like bitter herbs, a shank bone, charoset, karpas, and a hard boiled egg, but that plate doesn't have to be plain porcelain. This year you can bring a bit of style to your seder with one of these stunning options:

  1. Jonathan Adler Futura Seder Plate, available at Jonathan Adler for $150
  2. Victor Seder Plate by Studio Vons, available at for $325
  3. Karma Seder Plate, available at The Jewish Museum for $290
  4. Nambe Seder Plate, available at Bloomingdales for $200
  5. Michael Aram Pomegranate Seder Plate, available at Michael Aram $259
  6. Annieglass Seder Plate, available at Michael C. Fina for $235
  7. Passover Seder Plate, available at $1,000
  8. Super Star Seder Plate by Alessi, available at The Jewish Museum for $165