How to Wear a Crop Top at Any Age


One of the scariest pairing of words in the fashion’s history is definitely “crop top”. The very notion of showing off one’s midsection is both terrifying and also kind of intriguing. Everyone wants to turn back time to those younger years when it was a.) appropriate to show a little belly and b.) when we could actually pull it off.

Well I’ve got news for you; you actually can wear a crop top at nearly any age. It’s really about how you style it and how much skin you show. These days crop tops are only showing about an inch of stomach – we could all stand to show an inch. Right?

An Inch Goes a Long Way

Sporting a crop top these days isn’t’ the same as say, the early 2000’s when Britney Spears was dancing on stage with a giant python. Showing a little as an inch of skin can be a lot sexier (in a tasteful way) than showing the entire world your belly button.

High Five to High Waist

So how do you show this magical inch of skin anyways? With a high waist skirt or pants, that’s how. Let your bottoms cover that tiny stomach pooch. The higher the pants the smaller the crop top – it’s a magical combination, really.

Throw a Jacket On

Even an inch of skin can feel a bit youthful to some. If that is the case I challenge to you to “throw a jacket on.” An oversized blazer on top of a tiny crop top reeks of sophistication and maturity. You really can’t go wrong with this formula.

Would you rock a crop top? And how old is too old for a crop top? Spill it in the comments section below.