How to Wear Summer Hosiery

Just because the weather is warming up doesn't mean you have to put away your favorite hosiery. Instead of reaching for your opaque black tights, look for sheer materials and styles that show a little skin, like kneesocks and thigh-highs. Bright colors look extra chic at night, and toeless tights allow you to rock chunky platform wedges without the seam showing. Rock the masculine-feminine look by pairing sweet socks with tough leather boots. One of our favorite summer hosiery picks, Silkies 65 Degree Control-Top Sheer Pantyhose was originally developed for women living in the tropical heat of Southeast Asia and are knit with an antimicrobial yarn for cool comfort—you won't overheat while looking chic. The right tights can instantly change your look, so we've put together our favorite lightweight and summer-proof hosiery for you to wear all summer long.

1. Silkies Net Knee-Highs, $13
2. Silkies Medium Dot Sheer Pantyhose, $15
3. Silkies 3-Diamondsional Anklets, $10
4. Silkies Sheer Shimmer Hose, $12
5. Silkies Toeless Shaping Sheer Panty Hose, $12
6. Silkies 65 Degree Control Top Sheer Pantyhose, $14.50