I Need a Ski-Esta

My fiancé and I recently took an aggressive day trip to Maine to check out a potential venue for our upcoming nuptials. I'm not even exaggerating when I say we drove for seven hours, got out the car to tour the property, and then turned right around for another miserable seven hours of bickering and cranking over Big Macs and McNuggets. (Wait. Why are we getting married in the first place?… Kidding.)

Anyway, the venue/estate/mansion/castle/ski house in Newry, Maine (right by Sunday River) was absolutely incredible. The owners of this private home rent it by the week to vacationing couples, families, and friends; with weddings and parties permitted on property. I stepped out of the car and was blown away by the beauty. The exterior was gorgeous. The leaves had just started to change colors, and the panoramic mountain view from the expansive balcony was breathtaking. The inside was both sophisticated and cozy… I could so imagine my big day at this big house.

But before you get your hopes up, let me break the news… It's not going to happen. After that aforementioned seven hour battle, I finally gave in and agreed that it might be difficult to accommodate our 200 something guests for a sit-down reception. (Can't we just uninvite peeps?!?). Nevertheless, Ski Esta (how cute is that name?) is truly a magical place… and I wanted to share a few photos with you (more below the fold!). They don't do it justice. I need to “skiesta” here… One day. Until then, I'm back on the wedding hunt.

For more information, including rates and availability, click HERE.

P.S. Yes, the last two are a private movie theater and an indoor pool!