I Woke Up Like This: Oiled Up



We know it’s somewhat ironic to cover our face in oil while simultaneously carrying oil blotters in our handbags, but hear us out.

It seems like just yesterday we were all obsessed with combating oil. Oily hair and skin = bad. Clearasil = good. Right? Wrong. Well, not wrong. Just perhaps not so black and white. These days, there are some killer new products on the market to help harness the moisturizing powers of oil without subjecting you to all of the icky stuff that goes along with it (like stinky smelly hair and acne, for starters). It has to do with the differences between mineral oils and plant based oils (head here if you want the scientific scoop on it all).

But if all you want is Jennifer Anniston’s complexion sans makeup, well then listen up. We have been using oil based products on our skin for awhile now and, we must admit, we are huge proponents of the stuff. If you have yet to oil up or even if you are already well greased, we have a few suggestions for your face that’ll leave your skin aglow.

1. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, $18.50
2. Rodin Luxury Face Oil, $170
3. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil, $16.00
4. Mila Moursi Moisturizing Oil / Aromapure Serum, $160

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