Ian Somerhalder Likes Your Underwear Crumpled on the Floor


It's easy to get Lost in the specimen that is Ian Somerhalder. From his role as Boone Carlyle on the ABC drama to his current residence as the living dead on The CW's Vampire Diaries, the Louisiana native is a charmer, on and off-screen. The Christian Grey contender proved the latter while answering 5 Juicy Questions for Women's Health where he revealed his sexy spirit animal, tips to handle heartbreak (perhaps his post-Nina Dobrev remedy?), and how you can litter his room with lingerie—that is, if you've got the right moves.

How would you want a woman to seduce you?
“With dancing. When someone can dance or you have rhythm with someone, it’s really sexy.”

How can you tell if you’re into someone?
“You know when you stand next to someone and there’s an electrical feeling. You feel that connection and your heart beats fast.”

How do you handle heartbreak?
“There are a million ways to handle it. You have wine, you have exercise, you have meditation, you have friends. You know, friends can be your meditation.

Your spirit animal in bed is _______.
“A black panther—calm and sleek.”

Lingerie or naked?
“Lingerie… but when it's off, crumpled up on the floor.”

Favorite dish to cook?
“Wild quail, white truffle cornmeal.”

“Nothing. Sheets.”

Get the rest of Somerhalder's steamy confession in the July/August issue of Women's Health, on newsstands now.