Ian Somerhalder Wants You to Wear Your Heart on Your ‘Sole’


Ian Somerhalder, the actor from the hit TV series Lost and The Vampire Diaries, is hoping that you'll wear your heart on your sole by taking the Impression Pledge and commit to making a positive impression.

The star has teamed up with Barefoot Wines to celebrate the “Soles of the Year,” big-hearted people who put their heart and “sole” into the causes they support. We can't say that we are surprised that Somerhalder is working with Barefoot Wine, this is the same gent who established his own charity, IS Foundation, which educates people on the importance of protecting the¬†environment¬†and animals, supports the It Gets Better Project, and back in 2010 helped clean up after the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster. How's that for making a good first impression?

The best part is that you can, too! To start, you should watch the video below of the 34-year-old explaining the importance of putting your sole into this good cause and head over to BarefootWines.com to sign up!