Ice Cream Colors

Since the start of spring, we've been finding new ways to brighten our wardrobe. While punched-up pigments can certainly make a statement for the summer, there are also subtler shades in the color wheel to play with. You can take a fresh approach on lighter hues for an airy, feminine, and youthful look. Put your favorite shades on ice and cool down with our picks to beat the summer heat. Keep skin quenched with the moisture it craves with Vaseline® Total Moisture® Body Lotion.

1. Topshop Moto Pastel High-Waist Hot Pants, $64
2. New York & Company Pastel Skinny Ankle Jeans, $54.95
3. Elizabeth & James Daryl Blazer, $395
4. Aldo Picketpin Tote, $55
5. Nadia Grille Platform Sandals, $235