Icelandic Beauty Imports

Last week we traveled to Iceland to check out the Reykjavik Fashion Festival. While the range of designs mesmerized us, we were amazed by the country’s beauty brand. While many of the products are infused with native herbs to soothe, their fragrances and mud masks are not to be missed. Have an international stay-cation and pamper yourself with a few of our favorites:

1. Blue Lagoon Iceland Face Boost Silica Mud Mask, Available at for $100
2. Ella Night Eau de Parfum, Available at for $120
3. Andrea Maack Silk Eau de Parfum, Available at for €85
4. Villimey Organic Lip Charm Balm, Available at for $9.35
5. Sóley Fersk White, Available at for €33
6. Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Moisturizing Body Lotion, Available at for $24
7. Skyn Iceland Hydro Firming Eye Gels, Available at for $30