Iggy Azalea Gets Fancy with Revolve


Iggy Azalea's so fancy. This we already know but apparently, so does Revolve! The online retailer tapped the Australian hip-hop artist to be the face of their summer campaign.

“Iggy is perfect in line with our brand,” Michael Mente, co-chief executive officer and cofounder of Revolve told Women's Wear Daily. “Revolve is a little bit of outside of the mainstream. Our customer is risk-taking and confidant, and Iggy is the perfect embodiment of that. Revolve is not about playing it safe.”

“I love busy and bright prints for summer. I don’t really care about what brand something is as long as it fits my personal style,” Azalea said. “It can be low or high end and I will love it.”

But that’s where her fashionable endeavors end. “I don’t have any ambition to work in the fashion industry, although I love its quirkiness. I’d prefer to remain a fan and a spectator who enjoys the fun of the clothing.”

Something that she showcased in the music video for her single, “Fancy,” when she channeled Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. “The idea of re-creating Clueless is something that I’d always talked about doing and thought “Fancy” would be perfect since its so West Coast sounding. All the story boarding was done myself, and Cher’s closet was a really important scene that could not be skipped over.”

You won’t want to skip over of the content that will feature Azalea in a section called Spotlight, when the campaign kicks off on May 14th. Revolve will also shill merchandise from Iggy’s tour and downloads from her album, The New Classic.

This is a good look for everyone involved!