In a Pickle: Deep-Fried Deliciousness

I have a problem. I am totally, completely, and thoroughly obsessed with deep-fried pickles. They're, in a word: addictive. I blame Two Door Tavern. (BTW, read all about my new fave restaurant HERE!) The hot hipster hangout had me at “hello”… and kept me at “deep-fried pickle chips.” When I saw this Southern comfort food on the menu, my heart went pitter-patter. Dill pickles + fried batter = a marriage made in piggy heaven … I'm a happy girl.

I can't wait to try this recipe at home! I'm not sure they'll be quite as delish as the app at Two Door, but they sure sound good (and look!) to me.

Crispy Fried Pickles
4 cups dill pickle chips, drained
11?2 cups 1.5% low-fat buttermilk
1?2 cup Ranch dressing
2 Tbsp. mild barbecue sauce
Canola oil
4 cups all-purpose flour
2 Tbsp. barbecue seasoning

1. Place pickle chips in a large bowl. Pour buttermilk over chips. Cover and chill 1 hour.
2. Meanwhile, stir together the dressing and barbecue sauce in a small bowl. Cover and chill until ready to serve.
3. Pour oil to a depth of 11?2 inches into a large deep skillet. Heat over high heat to 375°.
4. Meanwhile, pour pickle mixture through a strainer over a bowl, discarding buttermilk. Whisk together
flour and barbecue seasoning in a large bowl until blended.

Recipe Courtesy of Southern Living Off the Eaten Path