Indie Skincare Brands You Need To Know About



There are the skincare powerhouses that everyone knows from their venerable history – brands we look to time and time again for favorite products that have been written about in the pages of every major magazine. There are the mainstream drugstore skincare companies, which have the industry on lock with their celebrity-based campaigns and expansive shelf space. And then there are the little skincare companies that could. The independent brands have to compete for attention and sales, and they have to prove their value by being that much more awesome than the average.

Indie skincare brands need to stand out by producing incredible products, using the best quality ingredients, and creating unique packaging to catch the customer’s eye. They have to work harder to make themselves stand out in a saturated market. Here are six independent skincare brands, ranging in price, pitch and aesthetic, but all at the top of the line in terms of sheer quality.

  • M. Steves – If your skincare needs a boost and you’re into intense hydration, then definitely check out M. Steves’ signature Ultra Nourishing Boost a powerful anti-aging dry oil meant to be used on its own, or mixed with your favorite moisturizer or foundation for skin sustenance.
  • Indie Lee – Indie Lee’s product line was inspired by a dangerous brain tumor, which seemed to be caused by environmental toxins. Indie’s line of products are all eco-friendly, all natural, and health conscious while being glamorous and luxurious. Known for using vegetables and fruits, popular products include her Swiss Apple Facial Serum and Rosehip Cleanser.
  • Skin Deep Natural Body Care – created by Chicago-based entrepreneur Dominique Covington, Skin Deep Natural Body Care originated as an calming agent for the creator’s eczema and sensitive skin issues. The ingredients are pure and simple, and astonishingly effective. Their facial cleansers are fabulous.
  • Willa — Willa skin care was invented by a girl, for girls – intended to be free of toxins and parabens. Just because the creator was all of 8 years old when she conceptualized the brand, doesn’t mean adults can’t use and adore these products. The aloe based Clear Skin Moisturizer is especially awesome.
  • A Life Balanced – A Life Balanced offers holistic healing, personal wellness recommendations, and amazing skin and bodycare products as well. Their Oatmeal Facial Cleansing Scrub is gentle, hypo allergenic and great. The Facial Butter Cream is luxe and satisfying, especially in chilly winter months.
  • Mojo Spa – Mojo Spa is many things – one of Chicago’s cutest and most fun nail salons, and purveyor of incredible makeup, bath products, moisturizers and skincare for all ages. Their Ambrosia line offers essential moisture for winter skincare. There’s a reason their Ambrosia Anti-Aging Night Serum is so popular – because it works.

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