Indulging With Philadelphia Indulgence

It’s no secret that I love chocolate – milk, dark, or white. I’ll happily take the three. Preferably all at once. And while GlamNest readers are familiar with my choco-affinity, they’re probably not aware of my slight obsession with cream cheese. So when I discovered the happy union between chocolate and cream cheese in Kraft Philadelphia Indulgence, I was one happy (and hungry!) girl.

An amazing blend of rich cream cheese and chocolate, Philly Indulgence is a deliciously decadent spread. I tried dipping pretzels in the milk chocolate spread (straight out of the tub!) and loved the salty-sweet combination. Then, I spread a bit of the dark chocolate flavor on a strawberry, and fell in love at first bite.

Enjoying an “indulgent” snack like Philly Indulgence and a cup of tea or coffee while reading a book is one of my favorite ways to unwind. I like sitting by the open the window, soaking up the sun and slight breeze, and treating myself to something sweetly satisfying.

What’s your favorite way to unwind? And what would you pair Philly Indulgence with? (Graham crackers!, Fruit!… or maybe even as frosting on a cupcake!)


Real Chocolate blended with rich, creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread

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