Inglot Steps Into Skincare


Inglot is tapping into its rainbow of shades with its first foray into skincare.

The brand is launching a line of three tinted toners with pigments meant to soothe skin. The dry formula is tinted orange and pulls lily extract to moisturize and brighten while the pale pink formula for the normal skin uses black pearl extract to even out tone. The iteration for oiler complexions uses gingko extract to control acne and irritation, and is tinted green to reduce the redness.

“Your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin underneath,” Hayden Tee, Inglot’s creative director told Women’s Wear Daily. “The makeup artist doesn’t have the luxury to prep the models skin for eight weeks before a shoot, but these toners prepare the skin to look beautiful immediately.”

The toners are sure to become must-haves for makeup artists during shoots, and will become even more popular come Fashion Month where models don’t have time to properly take care of their skin.