Inspiring Mantras That Keep Mom Motivated

“Make Time for Me”
Moms get so caught up with their kids, they often forget to lead their own lives. But despite having children, you are still your own unique person with interests, hobbies, and opinions. So don’t let yourself get lost. Take the time to celebrate who you are and do what you love.

“This Too Will Pass”
So the baby won’t sleep for more than two consecutive hours, and your teenager is going through a rebellious silent stage. Sometimes (make that most times) mommyhood is exhausting, challenging, and frustrating. But it’s also inspiring, exciting, and unlike anything else. Yes, stress is a given, but at least it’s fleeting. Every day will bring a new challenge and reward. And that should keep you feeling proud and motivated.

“I Love My Family”
It’s easy to forget why you work so hard and do so much. It’s because you want the best for your loved ones. No matter what the circumstance, you’ll be there with unconditional affection.

“My Family Loves Me”

Yes, the feelings are mutual. Even if they forget to say it every day or sometimes fight with you over petty problems, there’s no denying it. Your family loves you—and that makes it all worthwhile.