Ireland Baldwin Joins the Purple Patrol



Sorry blue, you might not be the shade of spring, as Ireland Baldwin’s the latest to go lavender!

On the heels of Nicole Richie’s new ‘do debut, the up-and-coming model unveiled the colorful coif Wednesday. Baldwin initially piqued her followers’ interest as she tweeted, “What’s next?” paired with a selfie of her wearing a towel around her shoulders. E! reported that the young model turned to Justin Anderson at the Chris McMillan Salon to the procure the “purp” that Baldwin shared in a series of snaps on Instagram.

But it looks like the new hair hue may be more work than what it’s worth, as Baldwin later tweeted that she might have to give up working out for the sake of her vibrant shade. “Purple hair and work out clothes really don't go together,” she shared. Best of Luck, Ireland!