Is Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project on the Verge of Being Canceled?


Uh oh. Someone's about go to bananas. The ratings are down for Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project and rumors are running rampant that the show might be over. [Ed. note – Oh my gosh, we 'die.'] Ratings are at their lowest ever, at 518,000 viewers, down from the 527,000 people that tuned in to see the series premiere in September 2008.

Apparently, it isn't only Rachel Zoe's show that's on the fashion chopping block. Zoe's former assistant Brad Goreksi's show, It's A Brad, Brad Worldisn't performing well and neither is Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver's Dukes of Melrose, putting the Fashion Night by Bravo lineup in the same ratings bracket as other shows which have been canceled recently, according to Bravo Ratings.

On a happier note, congrats are in order for former Rachel Zoe Incorporated employee Jeremiah Brent. He and Nate Berkus have announced their engagement, according to CNN. The two have been dating for about a year. Brent appeared on Season 4 of the The Rachel Zoe Project.