Is Intermix Looking to Create Their Own Fashion Line with Gap’s Help?


It would appear that Gap, Inc. and Intermix could very well form a partnership in the near future. The founder and CEO of Intermix, Khajak Keledjian, stated, “Intermix is currently in discussions with Gap Inc. We are excited to potentially align with this iconic retailer to capitalize on the significant growth potential within the luxury market.”

Specific details on the deal have yet to be defined, and while the partnership as a whole is interesting, what it means for the Intermix brand is even more so. Currently, the chain sells 220 different brands, but does not have it's own dedicated line. Should it begin to work with Gap, however, all of that could change.

Intermix has no problem when it comes to building a dedicated fan base, operating over 33 stores. Gap brings expert merchandising and retail know-how in international, e-commerce, and local markets to the table. As the deal unfolds, it will be interesting to see how Gap comes to Intermix’s mass retail rescue.