Is Kaley Cuoco the Newest Member of the Lob Squad?


Kaley Cuoco shocked a slew of fans as she alluded to a fresh cut over the weekend.

The newlywed documented each step of the process with a series of Instagram snaps. “This.Is.Happening,” she shared in one of the captions, as pal and celebrity stylist Christine Symonds getting silly with the scissors along the way. Many fans were led to believe that she had opted for a piecey long bob that stars like Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift and more have begun switching to, as she declared, “I can’t stop!” while posing with a pair of scissors.

But as it turned out, it wasn’t as drastic as we initially thought, as the final product was more of a rim, as opposed to a chop, with a few curls thrown in for good measure. She shared more snaps with her beauty crew before attending the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards on Saturday. We think the bob would’ve perfectly accentuated the freshly inked wedding date tattooed on her upper back in roman numerals, as noted by The Daily Mail. What do you think of her two hair looks?