Is Karlie Kloss Heading to Harvard?


Karlie Kloss already has a packed schedule between prep for New York Fashion Week and her House of Style duties with Joan Smalls, but is she looking into higher education? Yes, eventually. Kloss chatted with The Daily’s Berlin edition on her Harvard ambitions, following in the footsteps of alumna Tyra Banks and to gain a better understanding of running a successful company. “[Going to] Harvard at some point is in the plan but all in good time,” she said. “That is the great thing: I’m 20-years-old! I feel fortunate to have an incredible career and experiences behind me but there is so much more that I want to do with this career, with my life. Now that I am getting more into these entrepreneurial projects I think business is something that would also be fascinating. Tyra [Banks] did it. I can do it, too.”